John Paul Caponigro’s Discussion on 8-bit vs 16-bit Processing

John Paul Caponigro has a wealth of information for photographers on his website and in his blog. I have taken a number of workshops with him, and greatly value his knowledge, experience and teaching skills.

With newer, higher megapixel cameras, files sizes keep increasing. I’m not complaining, because in general, properly captured images from higher megapixel cameras have greater resolution and detail, if that’s important in one’s work. It’s certainly important to me. But, 16-bit files are twice the size of 8-bit files.

Fortunately, as file sizes have increased, hard drive storage space has increased even faster and storage prices continue to decline. I have always processed my images as 16-bit files, even though in most cases there is no noticeable difference when the images are viewed – at least today. Because I also use the ProPhoto color space, 16-bit processing became a necessity.

For all serious photographers, John Paul’s Caponigro’s recent post on editing in 16-bit versus 8-bit is very interesting and I wanted to share it.

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