Photographing OPA

“Other People’s Art” An ongoing topic of discussion among photographers is whether photographing “other people’s art” is appropriate, either ethically or legally. While some photographs are merely “record shots” of what the photographer saw, most photographs from serious photographers are intended to be the photographer’s creative work. But can photographing someone else’s artwork ever be […]

Work It, Work It, Work It …

Rarely have I been fortunate enough to plan for, or come across a scene where the weather was ideal, the lighting was perfect, the subject matter was compelling, the composition magically appeared in my viewfinder and all I had to do was to click the shutter release. While for many good photographers spontaneity is the […]


Some Projects Just Take Longer

This three-photograph project began unknowingly in 1999, as I was testing a new lens for my Minolta film camera. I drove to Jersey City, N.J. and decided to take some photographs of the old Central Railroad of NJ train terminal and of Lower Manhattan. The location was in Liberty State Park, not far from the […]


What is a Photograph?

“What is a Photograph” is the title of a new exhibit opening at the International Center for Photography (ICP) in New York City on January 31st. At first glance, one might wonder why the question, “What is a Photograph,” is even posited. But today, with the ever increasing quantity and variety of “photographs” it is […]


2014 Classes and Workshops

One of the things I enjoy most about photography is sharing my enthusiasm, knowledge and experiences about photography in the classes and workshops I teach and the presentations that I make. Photography learning never ends. We must challenge ourselves to expand our horizons, and must continually hone our “craft,” our skills and vision. On my […]


Update to Adobe’s “Photoshop Photography Program” Post

Adobe has once again added a new wrinkle and a new expiration date for a special offering of their “Photoshop Photography Program.” The 12/31/13 date and $9.99 per month price for those Photoshop CS3 or newer owners still is in affect. BUT, what Adobe is now offering until 12/2/13 is the ability for anyone, whether […]


Facebook Users BEWARE !!!

Beginning today, Facebook has significantly changed its Terms of Service (TOS), which has important implications for all Facebook users, but especially for photographers. As a Facebook user, I received an email about a week ago mentioning that changes were coming, and linking to the proposed changes in their TOS. I skimmed the changes and was […]